Belt conveyor DP-600 is designed for moving small size objects in the horizontal plane.

The simplicity of design, the ability to move the conveyor belt, as well as low power consumption with high performance, made belts for popular mass movement of small loads.

Belt conveyor DP-600 is used for transportation of bulk, lump or piece of cargo in the process of marking ink jet printer.

Belt conveyors are used in various industries:

in confectionery and bakery businesses

at the agroindustrial enterprises

in the chemical industry (household chemicals, fertilizers, etc.)

in the glass,



print and many other industries


Conveyor type Belt table
Length 600 mm
Bandwidth 100-120 mm.
Speed 0,2-1 m/s
Speed Adjustment smooth
Power 220V/50Hz
Material of Construction Steel
Coverage enamel

Plastic chain conveyor DS-600 is designed to move in a horizontal plane or inclined piece goods. Load-bearing body-metal or vinyl flooring, consisting of individual plates.

Conveyor length -1.5 m

The maximum width of movable objects up to 120 mm

Ability to move objects weighing up to 5 kg

Travel speed, up to 20 m/min

Maximum power consumption-up to 550 watts