Device for marking tubes

The device is used for thermal marking of the pipes. When the matrix is pressed against the pipe – they begin to move together. Then the pneumatic cylinder returns the matrix to its initial position.

The device uses a secure method of printing, which eliminates clogging, that appears often when using solvent-based inks.

Principle of operation is very simple. Thermal printing is performed using a heated matrix, which presses the ribbon to the pipe. Besides ink dries up almost in seconds. The imprint is obtained clear, legible, and resistant to scuffing, it does not dissolve in fats and in condensate. Monochrome thermal printing (you can use ribbon of any color).

Technical specifications
Power supply 220V ± 20%; 50 Hz
Dimensions LхWхH (mm) 650х250х1900
Мaximum inscription length 190 mm
Counter 0-999 М
Character height 3mm, 4mm
Number of lines 1
Print temperature 40-180 С
Weight 45 kg