Thermal printer Trei P 12 (continuous mode)

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Termal printer “Trei P” is designed for contact application of 1.3 lowercase alphabetic and numeric information are marked on the surface working together with packaging lines and packaging devices operating in . Device can be mounted directly on the packaging machines.

Thermal Dater “Trei P” – an economical printer for the application of any product information on packaging material.
The printer is installed on the packaging and labeling (self-adhesive in a roll) equipment. Small size and special mounting permit to install Dater anywhere on the packaging line . The device is very simple to operate, maintain and repair, without requiring special knowledge of the staff.
Thermal printer comprises a control unit and printing unit.
Microprocessor control unit with LCD display allows you to adjust the temperature of the head, print speed, set the language, and other settings. Unit is equipped with reset the counters prints. External alarm output end of the tape allows time to stop the manufacturing process.
The printing unit is equipped with electric and needs no compressed air , it can be used in any production. Printhead comes with a removable three-line matrix. The matrix is filled manually, by typing the individual characters.
Printer “Trei P” uses a secure method of printing, which eliminates contamination , inherent in the use of solvent-based inks. Thermal printing is done using the heated matrix, which presses the ink ribbon to the packaging material. In this case, the paint hardens almost instantly.
Imprint of crisp, legible, resistant to abrasion, is not soluble in fats and condensate. Thermal transfer – monochrome (possibly using tape of any color) . The information is put on paper, cardboard, polymer films, laminates, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and other surfaces. Matrix printer is equipped with interchangeable logos, numbers, letters, allowing you to print the date of manufacture, expiration date, logo and other information.
original tape transport mechanism and an adjustable pitch printing allow us to reduce consumption of ribbon to a minimum.
Low cost thermal printer, as well as consumables, distinguishes it from similar printers in Europe.

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