Thermal transfer ribbons

Thermal tape or ribbon is a polyester film on one side which caused melt the dye and on the back of the special, which protects the print head cover.
Thermal Transfer Ribbon AG-8 (AG-13 or AG-7) for a printer-dater TREI P 30 mm wide and long winding in the 450 meters.
When printing information on a single line (the date of manufacture), it lacks more than 112,000 impressions.

Ink thermal transfer ribbon – a consumable material for thermal printers. Need to print on gloss paper labels and synthetic materials. Consumed identical to broach the label roll. Printing is thermal transfer – under the paint by heating the thermal head from the tape is transferred to the label. Different composition of the dye layer (Wax, Wax/Resin, Resin), belt width, length and location of the winding dye layer (OUT, IN). It is important to choose the right type of dye layer for the best print quality.

Wax . Coloring layer of wax-based. Most suitable for printing on paper. Has a low temperature of the press, which ensures long life printheads. Abrasion resistance – low. It is used for printing on paper labels and cardboard labels without lamination. Image obtained with this type of ribbon is not resistant to solvents. Can not be used for printing labels of lacquered paper.
. Coloring layer composite based wax/resin. You can print both on paper and on synthetic materials with good adhesive properties. Printing temperatures – average. Abrasion resistance – good. Provides high resolution. The resulting image is resistant to abrasion, but can not withstand the impact of solvents. Wide range of colors greatly enhances decorating possibilities.
. Coloring layer based on the resin. Designed to print on all types of synthetic media and textile tapes. Characterized by high resistance to mechanical shocks, to solvents, oils, alcohols. In combination with high temperature plastic can withstand temperatures up to 250°C. Ribbon-based resin is used for printing on synthetic materials (labels, polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon textile ribbons on the basis etc).

Also, thermal transfer ribbons differ in the type of winding:

  • in – the ink inside out,
  • out – Ink side out.

Thermal tape consists of polyester film coated on one side color formulations. The other side of the tape is covered with a special compound, which plays the role of a lubricant that prevents wear and damage to the thermal head. At the beginning of the tape is starting zone containing labels and protects the tape during storage. Tape ends with a special silver strip or transparent, allowing the printer to determine the end of the tape. The silver band is designed for printers with a sensor reflections and transparent – a printer with a sensor on the lumen. For printers with a mechanical sensor, this band is absent.
Top Coat applied over the ink to improve adhesion between the paint and material labels and improves image stability to environmental influences.
Paint creates the image and may have different characteristics to meet the printing requirements (resistance to chemicals, environmental conditions, abrasion and scraping).
Primer makes it easy to transfer ink from a film on the label.
transparent polyester film carrier for all the components.
A special coating on the reverse side
static electricity, protects the thermal head from wear and tear, ensures uniform heating.

Hot stamp coding foil – premium on standard paper sleeve diameter of 1 inch (25 mm) in width from 10 mm to 645 mm long and winding up to 300 meters.