Large character ink jet printer LC-16

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Industrial inkjet printer LC-1916

Industrial inkjet printer LC-1916 is specifically designed for marking with DOD electromagnetic technology for any material and various types of surfaces such as: pipes, bags, insulation sleeves (other value: liner, muff), matter, compressed packets.

Technology LC-16 allows you to record and remember carrying out the most sophisticated algorithms to application of industrial marking and packaging labels.

All printheads LC-16 Series can work with a wide range of pigment inks, or ink on a different basis: water, alcohol, and MEK.

Special development of LC-16 allows it to operate smoothly in such difficult conditions as: high levels of dust, humidity, vibration, wide temperature variations, aggressive substances.


Options Description
number of points (nozzles), or the maximum print height 7×2 or 16×1 – Standard Version
16×2 or 32h1 – Only “32dot” version
Print height (without rotation) 14.4 mm or 21 mm – with a 7-point print head
32 mm or 50 mm – in a 16-point print head
100 mm – with 32-dot print head
distance between two points on a vertical 2.4 or 3.33 mm (without rotation) can be installed in a slope of 45 degrees
Maximum print speed or the speed of printing a string Up to 600 points/sec from each nozzle or 60 m/min
From 1 to 20 mm 4mm possibly execution on demand
Ink on water, alcohol, or MEK-based
Power Power: 110 – 220V AC (alternating current) power consumption: less than 80 watts
Ambient temperature temperature range of operating conditions: from -5°C to +40°C
Printhead dimensions 50 x 170 mm
system is dust-and splash IP54

Why Large character printer LC-1916?
* Compact and durable design printer
* Large reservoir for ink
* Work in adverse conditions
* Printing in any direction
* Ability to set the slope at 30 and 45 degrees to reduce the height of characters
* Does not require compressed air supply
* Environmentally friendly Inks
* Menu allows you to create reports for printing in 8 languages
* Save the data when power is off
* Synchronization of print by the encoder

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